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Farah Gulzar

From : Pakistan
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Sms / Eid Mubarak

Farah Gulzar

Kash Is Eid Par ..

Kash iss eid par main tera bakra hota
Aur kissi ne na sahi tu ne tou mujhe pakra hota

Tu hina lagey hathon sey mujhe pathey khilati
Thorey thorey nahi sarey akathey khilati

Tu mujhe main main kar ke bulati
Aur sham ko gali main saath ghumati

Mere pass gaari na sahi chakhra hota
Kash iss eid par main tera bakra hota

Tu meri suhbat par naaz karti
Bila jhijhak mujhe aashnae raz karti

Agar mera raqeeb mujhe chhera karata
Seeng maarta foran usse takar karata

Raat ko sardi main bahir akra hota
Kash iss eid par main tera bakra hota

Phir eid par zibah ho jata main
Teri khatir cut mar jata main

Teri muhabat ne kuch iss tarah jakra hota
Kash iss eid par main tera bakra hota


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Category: eid-mubarak
Sms / Funny

Farah Gulzar


Ek dehati sarak per peeshab kar raha hota hay to itne mai ek angrace wahan say guzarta hay or us admi say pouchta hay k aap yahan peshab kar rahay ho to yahan police nahi pakarti to admi bolta hay nahi sahab yahan khud paker k karna parta hay hahahaha hay na funny;)

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Category: funny
Sms / Friendship

Farah Gulzar

Answer The Quistions ?

Q. where does wood come from?

A. A guy named woody.

Q. Why did the barber win the race?

A. Because he took a short cut.

Q. What--s taken before you get it?

A. Your picture.

Q. Why did the child study in the airplane?

A. He wanted a higher education!

Q. What did one virus say to another?

A. Stay away, I think I--ve got penicillin!

Q. How do you tease fruit?

A. Banananananananana!

Q. How does a moulded fruit-flavoured dessert answer the phone?

A. Jell-o!

Q. When do you stop at green and go at red?

A. When you--re eating a watermelon!

Q. What kind of ship never sinks?

A. Friendship!

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Category: friendship
Whatsapp Messages / Funny

Farah Gulzar

Manmohan Singh: We Are Sending Indians To The Moon Next Year!

Manmohan Singh: We are sending Indians to the moon next year!

Bush: Wow! Howc many?

Manamohan: 25 OBC, 25 SC, 20 ST, 5 Handicapped, 5 Sports Persons, 5 Terrorist Affected, 5 Kashmiri Migrants, 9 Politicians & if possible 1 Astronnaut

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Category: Funny
Whatsapp Messages / Relationship

Farah Gulzar

Give Your Absence To Your Loved Ones To Make Them Miss You So Much.

Give your absence to your loved ones to make them miss you so much.

But don't make it it a habit because they will learn to live without you!

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Category: Relationship
Wallpapers / Travel And World

Farah Gulzar

New York Empire State Panorama

Travel & World wallpapers

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Whatsapp Messages / Good Day

Farah Gulzar

A Beautiful Life Does Not Just Happen... It's Built Daily, I...

A beautiful life does not just happen... it's built daily, in prayer, humility, sacrifice & Luv. May a beautiful life be yours always.

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Category: Good-Day
Wallpapers / Planes

Farah Gulzar

Shuttle Launch

Planes wallpapers

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Whatsapp Messages / Valentines

Farah Gulzar

Love Is Like Playing A Piano.

Love is like playing a Piano.

First you must learn to play notes from the Piano Book;

And then you must play it from your heart.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Category: Valentines

Farah Gulzar

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Country : Pakistan

Followers : 0  
Total Updates : 50
Member Since : Aug 24, 2012
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ALLAH ki nafarmani
Posted by shahid siddiqui
Posted on : Dec 05, 2018

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