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Alisha Khan

Q: How to
Kill an Ant?
Asked in exam for 15

... Student:
... Mix Chilli Powder with
Sugar & keep it outside the
Ant''s Hole.

After eating, Ant will search
for some water near a
water tank.

Push ant in to it. Now ant
will go to dry itself near

When it reaches fire, put a
bomb into the fire.

Then admit wounded ant
in ICU.

Remove oxygen mask from
it''s mouth n kill the ant.

Don''t play with students
thay can do any thing for
15 marks.

hahaha Like If agree............................

· 2 Like · Apr 11, 2018 at 23:04
Category: ustaad-aur-shagird
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Posted on : Jul 30, 2017

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