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Splodge - Urdu Meaning and Translation of Splodge (دھبا - ), Total 3 meanings for Splodge , Roman Urdu Meaning for word Splodge , English Definition and more.

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کسی چیز پر بڑا سا بے ڈول داغ یا دھبا ڈالنا

kisi cheez par bara sa be doll daagh ya dhaba daalna

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English definition for splodge

1. n. an irregularly shaped spot

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Fictional Character

Splodge is a fictional character from the British comic strip, The Topper. Drawn by Charles Grigg, Splodge himself was the last of the goblins, a mischievous one who would play sneaky, nasty tricks on the animals of the woods, but they usually had the last laugh at the end.
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