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ڪنھن شیٔ جو ٿورو مقدار جنھن مان اندازو ٿی سگھی ته باقی شیٔ ڪیئن آھی؛

شین جی ڪنھن گروھه جو ڪو نمونو:

a specimen of rock

پٿر جو نمونو؛

The doctor took a specimen of blood for testing

ڊاڪٽر ٽیسٽ ڪرڻ لاءِ رت جو نمونو ورتو۔

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English definition for specimen

1. n. a bit of tissue or blood or urine that is taken for diagnostic purposes

2. n. an example regarded as typical of its class

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