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پر جس کا قلم بناتے ہیں

par jis ka qalam banatay hain

بڑا پر

bara par

کھوکھلی ڈنڈی

khokhli dandi

دانت کریدنے کی خلال

daant kurednay ki khalal

جولائے کی نال

jolaye ki naal




English definition for quill

1. n. a stiff hollow protective spine on a porcupine or hedgehog

2. n. the hollow spine of a feather

3. n. any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird

4. n. pen made from a bird's feather

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A quill pen is a writing implement made from a moulted flight feather (preferably a primary wing-feather) of a large bird.
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