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Premature Ejaculation - Urdu Meaning and Translation of Premature Ejaculation (سرعت انزال - sur'at e inzaal), Total 3 meanings for Premature Ejaculation , Roman Urdu Meaning for word Premature Ejaculation , English Definition and more.

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سرعت انزال

sur'at e inzaal

سیمن کا قبل از وقت اخراج

semen ka qabal izz waqt ikhraj

ایک قسم کی جنسی بیماری جو مردوں میں پائی جاتی ہے

aik qisam ki jinsi bemari jo mardon mein payi jati hai

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قبل از وقت



English definition for premature ejaculation

1. n. ejaculation during the early stages of sexual excitement or soon after the insertion of the penis into the vagina

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Premature ejaculation (PE) occurs when a man experiences orgasm and expels semen soon after sexual activity and with minimal penile stimulation.
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