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جیب میں رکھنا

jaib mein rakhna

تھیلی میں بند کرنا

theli mein band karna





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English definition for pocket

1. n. a small pouch inside a garment for carrying small articles

2. n. an opening at the corner or on the side of a billiard table into which billiard balls are struck

3. n. (anatomy) saclike structure in any of various animals (as a marsupial or gopher or pelican)

4. n. a small isolated group of people

5. n. a local region of low pressure or descending air that causes a plane to lose height suddenly

6. n. a supply of money

7. n. a hollow concave shape made by removing something

8. n. (bowling) the space between the headpin and the pins behind it on the right or left

9. n. an enclosed space

10. v. put in one's pocket

11. v. take unlawfully

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A pocket is a bag- or envelope-like receptacle either fastened to or inserted in an article of clothing to hold small items.
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