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Plead - Urdu Meaning and Translation of Plead (وکالت - waqalat), Total 3 meanings for Plead , Roman Urdu Meaning for word Plead , Synonyms, Antonyms, English Definition and more.

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وکالت کرنا

waqalat karna

کسی کی تائید میں بحث کرنا

kisi ki taeed mein behas karna

عذر داری کرنا

uzar daari karna


English definition for plead

1. v. appeal or request earnestly

2. v. enter a plea, as in courts of law

3. v. offer as an excuse or plea

4. v. make an allegation in an action or other legal proceeding, especially answer the previous pleading of the other party by denying facts therein stated or by alleging new facts


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