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1 ٽکرو، چَتیٺ ، کنھن شَیٔ جو ڀاڱو:

Would you like another pece of cake

ڇا تون کیک جو ھک ٻیو ٽکرو کائڻ پسند کندین؟:

a piece of broken glass

ڀڳل شیشی جو ٽکرو (ڍسو: تصویر صحفی 271 تی ).

2 ھک ، واحد شَیٔ :

Have you got a piece of paper

ڇا تو وٽ پنی جو ٽکرو آھی :

That's an interesting piece news

اھا ھک ڍاڍی دلچسپ خبر آھی۔

3 سکو :

a 50 piece

پنجاھه پینس جو سکو۔

fall to pieces

ٽکراٽکرا ٿیڻ :

The chair fell to pieces when I sat on it

مان کرسیءَ تی ویٺس ته اھا ٽکر ٽکر ٿی وئی۔

in pieces

ڀڳل ، ٽٽل :

The teapot lay in pieces on the floor

کٽلی فرش تی ڀپی پئی ھئی ۔

take something to pieces

کنھن شَیٔ جا سڀ حصا ڌار ڌار کرڻ :

I took the bed to pieces because it was too big to go through the door

مون پلنگ جا سڀ حصا ڌار کیا ڇو ته اھو دَر مان لنگھڻ کان وڍو ھو ۔

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English definition for piece

1. n. a portable gun

2. n. game equipment consisting of an object used in playing certain board games

3. n. a work of art of some artistic value

4. n. a separate part of a whole

5. n. an item that is an instance of some type

6. n. a distance

7. n. an artistic or literary composition

8. n. a musical work that has been created

9. n. an instance of some kind

10. n. a serving that has been cut from a larger portion

11. n. a portion of a natural object

12. n. a share of something

13. n. a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition

14. v. repair by adding pieces

15. v. eat intermittently; take small bites of

16. v. join during spinning

17. v. to join or unite the pieces of

18. v. create by putting components or members together

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