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ویجھو، ڀرسان، قریب، لڳ:

I don't need a car because I live near the city centre

مون کی موٽرڪار جی ضرورت ناھی ڇو ته آئون وچ شھر جی ڀر ۾ رھان ٿو۔

ویجھو، وَٽ، ڀر ۾، اوری:

Let's walk to my house, It's quite near

اچ ته منھنجی گھر پنڌ ھلون، بس ویجھو ئی آھی؛

?Where's the nearest hospital

ویجھی ۾ ویجھی اسپتال ڪٿی آھی؟

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English definition for near

1. a. not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances

2. r. (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished

3. r. near in time or place or relationship

4. s. very close in resemblance

5. s. with or in a close or intimate relationship

6. s. giving or spending with reluctance

7. s. closely resembling the genuine article

8. s. being on the left side

9. v. move towards


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