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1 اشارو:

When he said he had no money It was a hint that he wanted you to pay for his dinner

جڍھن ھٍن چیو ته وٽس پیسا ناھن ته اِھو اِن پالھه جو اشارو ھو ته ھو چاھی پیو ته ڊنر جا پئسا توھان ڀریو ۔

2 ٽورو مقدار، چپٽی :

There's a hint of garlic in this coup

ھن شوروی ۾ ٿوم جھی چپٽی پیل آھی ۔

اشارو ڍیڻ ، کاڳالھه اڻ سڌی طریقی سان چَوڻ

Sarah looked at her watch hinting that she wanted to go home

ساران پنھنجی واچ ۾ ڍٺو ۽ اِشارو ڍنائین ته ھوءَ گھر وڃڻ گھری ٿی ۔

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English definition for hint

1. n. an indication of potential opportunity

2. n. a slight indication

3. n. an indirect suggestion

4. n. a just detectable amount

5. n. a slight but appreciable addition

6. v. drop a hint; intimate by a hint

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