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کسرت کرڻ: تندرستی ۽ توانای لاءِ ورزش کرڻ: They exerxisw in the park every, morning: ھٍو ھر صبح جو باغ ۾ کسرت کندا آھن

مشق، تربیت: 1 سکڻ لاءِ کیل کم :The teacher asked us to do exercises:and 2 for home work استاد اسان کی ھوم ورک ۾ مشق نمبر 1 ۽ 2 کرڻ لا ءِ چیو۔ 2 (no pl.) کسرت ، ورزش: جسم کی م:بوط رکڻ لا ءِ خاص جسمانی چور پور: Swimming is very food exercise ترڻ تمام سٺٍی کسرت آھی۔3 ورزس: (pl. exercises)جسم کی تندرست ۽ توانو رکڻ لا ءِ خاص قسم جی حرکت ڍیڻ : Touch your toes and stand up 29 times . This exercise is good for your legs, stomach and back ویھه ڀیرا پیرن جا اڳوٺا ڇٍھی سڌا بیھو اِھا کثرت تو ھا جی ٽنگن ، پیٽ ۽ پٍٺی ءَ لاءِ تمام سٍٺی آھی۔

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English definition for exercise

1. n. the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit

2. n. a task performed or problem solved in order to develop skill or understanding

3. n. systematic training by multiple repetitions

4. n. the act of using

5. n. (usually plural) a ceremony that involves processions and speeches

6. v. do physical exercise

7. v. give a workout to

8. v. learn by repetition

9. v. put to use

10. v. carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions


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