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Demesne - Urdu Meaning and Translation of Demesne (قبضہ مالکانہ - qabza malikana), Total 3 meanings for Demesne , Roman Urdu Meaning for word Demesne , Synonyms, Antonyms, Image/Illustration, English Definition and more.

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قبضہ مالکانہ

qabza malikana





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English definition for demesne

1. n. territory over which rule or control is exercised

2. n. extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use

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In the feudal system the demesne (/dᵻˈmeɪn/ di-MAYN) was all the land which was retained by a lord of the manor for his own use and support, under his own management, as distinguished from land sub-enfeoffed by him to others as sub-tenants.
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