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شوربے کو گاڑھا کرنے کے لیے ڈالا جانے والا بُھنا ہوا آٹا وغیرہ

shorbay ko gaarha karne ke liye dala jane wala bhana sun-hwa aatta waghera


English definition for browning

1. n. cooking to a brown crispiness over a fire or on a grill

2. n. English poet best remembered for love sonnets written to her husband Robert Browning (1806-1861)

3. n. English poet and husband of Elizabeth Barrett Browning noted for his dramatic monologues (1812-1889)

4. n. United States inventor of firearms (especially automatic pistols and repeating rifles and a machine gun called the Peacemaker) (1855-1926)

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