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اسے 'جَنتَا' بھی تلفّظ کیا جاتا ہے
"عوام" یا "لوگوں کے لئے ایک ہندی لفظ"
"1977 سے اب تک قائم بھارت میں ایک سیاسی جماعت جو 1976 ء میں قائم اور 1977 میں اقتدار میں آئی"

usay' janata' bhi tlffz kya jata hai
" awam" ya" logon ke liye aik hindi lafz "
" 1977 se ab tak qaim Bharat mein aik siyasi jamaat jo 1976 hamza mein qaim aur 1977 mein Iqtidaar mein aayi "

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Janata (Hindi: जनता janatā), is a Hindi word for "the populace"; or "the people". Following the first Janata coalition in the 1970s between the Lok Dal, the Congress (O) and the Socialist Party, it has become part of the name of a number of federal - and state-level, present and historical, political parties in India or neighbouring states (many of which claim descent from constituents of the original coalition), including:
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