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Video Of Flying Horse In Jeddah Sky Is Hoax

This video is currently going viral on the internet, which shows a flying horse in Saudi Arabia. The Video shows an amazing footage of a flying black horse caught on camera during a lighting thunder storm in Jeddah (not Mekkah) in Saudi Arabia, causing widespread sharing among some people who saw the video. This video has led many Muslims into falsely believing this to be a miracle from Allah (SWT).

The Truth:
Unfortunately, this video is a hoax. The video is actually of a horse shaped balloon which got detached from its placement due to the lighting storm conditions in Saudi Arabia that day. If you see the video carefully, you will notice that the horse doesn’t have wings (which is quite essential to fly) and the horse’s shape seems to be stagnant throughout the video (neither the position of the legs nor the tail seems to be moving). You can also see in the comparison picture above that the shape of the horse in the video and the horse on display in the shop are both the same.

We at iJunoon request our viewers to share this article to educate the public about this hoax.

Watch the video going viral below:

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Abdul Rasheed its HOAX!
amir rasheed paagal log din raat sharing par laga rahay hain
aftab ahmed Allah hum sab ke imaan ko mehfooz rakhay
Mehwish Shahzadi great article
urooj imran be ilm log aisy hi karte hain
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