Sms / Love

Abdul Ghaffar


In life LOVE is never planned nor does it happen for a reason.But when LOVE is real,It becomes ur PLAN for life and ur reason for living.

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Sms / Love

Amir Rasheed

Love Urself

Love urself ,Flirt with ur understanding,Romance with dreams,Get engaged with simplicity,Marry genuiness,Divorce the ego...Thats Good Life... *

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Sms / Sardar

Urooj Imran


aik sarder ne garments ki shope per job ki very first day a girl come to his shop
wo larki boli sardar ji underwear dikhao
sardar sherma ker bolo wo ji mein aj pehan ker nahi ayaa

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Sms / Missing You

Sanam Baloch

Belive Me

u know how much i miss u?

jitne DESERT me WATER hai

jitne ZAMEEN pe STAR hai

jitne SKY per TREES hain


jitna kisi GANJAY k sir pe BAAL hain


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Sms / Marital Woes

Amin Lakhan


Evolution of Man:
Shadi se pahale: HERO No. 1
Shadi ke baad: COOLIE No. 1

Shadi se pahale: Meine Pyar Kiya
Shadi ke bad: Yeh Meine kya kiya

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Sms / Love

Abdul Rahman

Lovely Love

The lovely love Theorm - To Love some 1 is madness, 2b loved by someone is a Gift,loving some1 who loves u is a duty,but being loved by some1 whom u luv is LIFE

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Sms / Love

Farooq Ahmed

Hurts The Heart

Always love the heart that hurts u, but never hurts the heart that love u, coz 4 the WORLD u may be a person but 4 a person u may be the WORLD...

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Sms / Marital Woes

Abdul Basit

Tarteeb Theek Rakhna

Mom: what would you like to be when you grow uppp??
Beti: Maa banu gi, Parhaai karoongi, Shaadi karoongi aur kya.
Mom: Jo ji main aaye karo magar zara tarteeb theek rakhna

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Sms / Friendship

Neelum Chaudhry

Ek Sms

Maana hum aapke doston me shamil nahi,
maana aapki Dosti hume hasil nahi,
itni berukhi kis baat ki dost,
kya hum ek sms ke bhi kaabil nahi...

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Category: friendship
Sms / Love

Faisal Razzaq

Don t search

Don--t search love, let love find u.
Thats why its called falling in love,
bcoz u dont force urself to fall,
u just fall and there will be someone to
catch u...

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Beauty Bride
Posted by Simran Chaudhry
Posted on : Apr 17, 2014

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