Sms / Missing You

Sarmad Ali

Somebody Miss U

Feel good when somebody Miss u. Feel better when somebody Loves u. But feel best when somebody never forgets u.

Aftab khan

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Category: Missing You
Sms / Friendship

Javed Akhtar

Cute Thought

A cute thought for those
who believe in friendship.
It?s not necessary 2 share
every secret between true friends
but it?s important that whatever u share is true.

Aftab khan

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Category: friendship
Sms / Sardar

Alishba Khan

Intelligent Sardar

aik dafa aik sardar jee ne deewar par likha hwa parha --likhna wala brilliant parhany wala donkey-- unhain ghusa aya foran mita kr likha --parhany wala brilliant likhnay wala donkey--.

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Category: sardar
Sms / Love

Mohammad Afzal

Understand Your Words

Speak less to people whom u love most?..
Because if they cant understand ur silence?..
They can never understand your words?.

Aftab khan

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Category: love
Sms / Love

Hammad Yousuf

Humanity Is Greater

Sacrifice is greater than love,

character is greater than beauty,

humanity is greater than wealth,

but nothing is greater than good relations.

Aftab khan

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Category: love
Sms / Love

Ali Awan Malik

Opportunity To Express

Love tip-

It is advisable to over react
whenever ur partner is in trouble.
It is an opportunity to express
your love and solitude to him..

Aftab khan

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Category: love
Sms / Love

Sana Ali

Divorce The Ego

Love urself ,Flirt with ur understanding,Romance with dreams,Get engaged with simplicity,Marry genuiness,Divorce the ego?Thats Good Life?

Aftab khan

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Category: love
Sms / Sardar

Javed Ashraf

Khyber Mail

A Sardar & his wife were waiting for train
itne main KHYBER MAIL aa gaye
Sardar bhag k train mein charha
apni wife se bola
jab khyber female aye to tum bhi ajana

Aftab khan

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Category: sardar
Sms / Sardar

Yousuf Ahmed


sardarni came from hotel and said to sardar
sardar ji sardar ji aj ty ghazab ho gaya
sardar ji: ooy--e ki hoya
sardarni:aj har koi mery kapron sy cher rahy thy
sardar replied oy--e tenu kinni wari akheya hy kapry pa ke bazar na jaya kar.


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Category: sardar
Sms / Friendship

Mehwish Shahzadi

Sachi Dosti

Dosti main dooriyan to aati rehti hain
Phir bhi dosti dilo ko mila deti hai

Wo dosti hi kiya jo naraz na ho
Per sachi dosti dosto ko mana leti hai

Aftab khan (From: islamabad)

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Category: friendship
Love You Mom
Posted by maria waheed
Posted on : May 15, 2014

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