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Amnah Khan

Laila Majanu

Ek bar laila aur majanu garden me jate hai.....usake baad pucho mat kya huwa.....Phir bhi mai batata hu....nahi abhi nahi phir kabhi bataunga.

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Kamran Ullah Khan

Fish & Chips

Mr. Nadeem said ""One day TV will take place the news paper.""
""No,Not at all"" Mr Abdul Qayuum Replied,""We can not wrap fish & chips in a TV""

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Wafa Chaudhry

Man Vs. Computer

A computer sales person tried to sell his computer to a business lady. ""Mam! this computer can substitute at least 10 men-s job"" the sales person said. ""But I would still prefer real men in the business"" the lady replied.

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Amnah Khan

Sleep With Me ....uff Taubah .. ! Lol ...............................................

A very beautiful woman was walking on the roof of a building and she suddenly trips over something and falls down. On her way falling down, an American man catches her, she says : ""Oh thank you, you saved my life, I-ll do ANYTHING for you..."" The man says : ""Okay then, sleep with me.""She says :""You PIG!! NEVER!!"" So he says ""FINE!"" and he drops her down.... So she-s falling and screaming...Suddenly a German man catches her in the air from his balcony, she says :""Oh thank you, you saved me, I-ll do anything that you
ask..."" The guy says : ""Fraulein, sleep with me."" She replies : ""Oh you nastypig!!! NEVER!"" So the man says : ""Fine!!!"" and he also drops her down again. She-s falling and thinking that it was better if she slept with one of those men and now she-s going to die.

Suddenly, a Muslim man catches the woman from his balcony, she says : ""Oh thank you, you saved my life, I-ll SLEEP with you!!"" The Muslim man replies : ""Astaqfirulla-h!"" and he drops her........

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Abdul Basit

Aik Pakistani,roosi Aur Americy

aik daffa aik pakistani, roosi aur americy baat kar rahay thay .americy nay kaha hamairay mulk kaiy logo nay itni tarraqi ki hai kay hamaray behri jahaz samandar ki teh kay sath safar kartaiy hain.roosi nay kaha hamaraiy hawai jahaz asman kay sath safar kartay hian.pakistani nay sochnay kay baad kaha kay hamaray logo nay itni tarraqi ki hay kah woh nak say khana khatay hain. americy aur roosi nai poocha nak say pakistani nay kaha nahi nak say aik inch nichay.

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Haya Jalal

Jeeb Me Hath

ek admee har waqt apni jeeb me hath dall kar phirta tha sab larke samajhte the ke us ke pass buhat paise hein ek din larkon ne us ke jeeb me hath dala to us ki jeeb phati hoi thi

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Waqas Moti

Pakistani Politician

there was old saying that what would happen if insect get into beer pint. the english man will throw both beer and insect. the american take out insect and drink beer. the chinees man will throw out beer and eat insect. the indian will take out insect and sell it to china and glass to american bought another beer. the pakistani will first blame indian for this act and linked to this kashmir and finally smuggle to america with kick-back.

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Jokes / Miscellaneous

Moiz Malik


ek boorhi aurat shehar mein phool baich rahee hoti hai, kay ek larkay kay samnay gir jatee hai, woh larka usay uthata hai, to boorhi kahati hai ja bachay khoosh reh Allah tujay uthaye.

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Jokes / Miscellaneous

Mohammad Ali Khan

Reema Jee

Some one asked Reema what you do when you got up early in the morning?
She answered i go home.

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Allah is always with me!
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Posted on : Apr 19, 2015

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