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Shahida Malik

she is mine she is mine

when i saw her after five days my eyes flased with hope.but when i saw a young boy along with her i cried on the way like mads was saying that she is mine hay she is mine. to heard this the young boy came to me and told the whole story that how found my lost sheep five days before that my grand mam gifted me when i went to my village a month ago

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Shagufta Yasmeen

Just Imagine

Bus Incident

A woman got on a bus holding a baby. The bus driver looked at the child and blurted out, ""That`s the ugliest baby I-ve ever seen!""
Infuriated, the woman slammed her fare into the fare box and took an aisle seat near the rear of the bus. The man seated next to her sensed that she was agitated and asked her what was wrong.

""The bus driver insulted me,"" she fumed.

The man sympathized and said, ""Why, he shouldn-t say things to insult passengers. He could be fired for that.""

""You-re right,"" she said. ""I think I-ll go back up there and give him a piece of my mind!""

""That-s a good idea,"" the man said. ""Here, let me hold your monkey.""

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Samreen Anjum

hamari kismat (fahad s joke no.6)

surdion ki aik suhani shaam mein gali tehal raha thaa kay mein nay aik khirki main khobsurat larki dekhi. uus nay mujh ko undar aanay ko kaha.meri aankhoon main uus ka chehra jum sa gaya thaa. mein undar gaya tou uus nay mujhay tea pilaye.woh meri aankhon ko ghor se daikh rahi thi. phir uus nay mujh say kaha kay""i like you"" yeh sun kar main nay one minute mein najanay kitnay sapnay dakhay. i became mad. but uus ki doosri baat sun kar mein sharminda sa ho gaya and dhilay qadmoun wapis chala gaya.
she said me "" you are just like my dead brother and i want to see you my brother.

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Ali Bukhari

intelligent man (fahad s joke 5)

a man was walking in a park when he was suddenly attacked by a criminal. he fought bravely for along time. the criminal finally grabbed the man-s purse ther was no money in it.
""tell me.""said the criminal.""why did you fight so hard if you had no money in your purse?""
"" i thought you were after the money in my shoe,""said teh man.

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Nimrah Butt

very good very good (fahad s joke4)

two men were struggling for a long time with a piono in the door way. they pushed and pulled until they were very tired.the piano still wouldn-t move.
""let-s stop."" said the first man.""we-re never going to get this piano into the room.""
""get it in!"" siad the second man.all this time i thought we were trying to get the piano out.""

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Mahu Arish

you can never win (fahad s joke2)

after losing the home cricket series against pakistan the mother of rahul dravid asks him to fetch milk for her from the shop.dravid,anticipating the reaction of people,wears a burqa.on the way,he meets another burqa-clad figure.
figure:""are you dravid?""
figure:""don-t you know who iam? i am sachin tandulkar.

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Abdul Waheed

Why Is The Onion Crying

""One day a onion crossed the street to the Otherside of the road and there he met a banana then the Onion started to cry and banana asked why are you crying so the Onion said that I-M an Onion and I have a toothache in my tumy and tooth.

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Zafar Ali Khan

Pyaasa Admi

ek admi bhut pyaasa tha kyu kai doup bhut thi wo rastey mai chaltey chaltey ek bari si building ko dekh raha tha kai achanak ek water ki laher ayi usnai furan us ko pi liya pi kar bola ""hey thanks for water"" to uper si ek ladki nai bola ham pani nahi balkai bachey ko pechad kara rahain hain

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Jokes / Miscellaneous

Fahad Bukhari

Paagal People

there was a queue by a shop which was closed and one man comes at the start of the queue and this big fat man pushes him and tells him 2 get 2 the back. when ever the man is trying 2 say something they push him back and say that they were there 1st but then the man gets angry and says how r u going 2 get into the shop because i am the shop keeper.ha ha ha...............

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